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Frequently Asked Questions


Our FAQ page is getting its own slot right in the middle of the page. At least for now. Questions that appear on this page are being asked more and more frequently, so we're making this page easier to find. Read our Frequently Asked Questions!


Please read this page before you ask any question, but especially those related to shirts, schedules, being assigned to a team as a free agent, or rainouts/weather cancellations.

Registration Procedures


Not sure how to sign up for MSSC leagues? To see the difference between registering a team and registering as an Individual, visit our Registration Procedures page. You should especially read this page if you are registering as an Individual.


Weather Cancelation Policies


Wisconsin weather can be volatile, especially in the Spring. Please check out our Weather Cancelation Policies so you understand how we handle cancelations.

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2019 Winter Indoor Leagues: Basketball, Broomball, Dodgeball, Flag Football, and Volleyball

Round two of rainout-free play for the season

Registration is posted for our Winter leagues beginning in January 2019. Capacity is limited for all leagues. Do not wait to sign up if you want to play.


Monday Flag Football: Held at GRB Academy in Windsor. Limited to seven teams

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday Dodgeball: Monday and Thursday leagues will be held at Franklin Elementary just off John Nolen Drive. The Tuesday and Wednesday East leagues will be held at Emerson Elementary. The Wednesday West league will be held at Midvale Elementary

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday Volleyball: We have six different leagues, with most being in the Midvale/Verona Road area. We also have a far west league in Verona

Saturday Co-ed Basketball: Held at the Boys & Girls Club in Fitchburg. This league has a capacity of nine teams

Sunday Broomball: Madison Ice Arena hosts yet again. This league is limited to nine teams and sells out every season. Plain English: Do not wait to sign up for this league if you want to play


Click the name of any given sport to be taken to that sport's home page to see more details and get your team or yourself signed up.


Helpful Hints for the MSSC Site

Helpful Hints for the MSSC Site

Need helping finding something? Here are a few things most commonly asked about on our site:

  • Looking for league details, schedules, locations, or rulebooks? Hover your mouse over “Sports” in the maroon menu bar, choose your sport, and then select the item you’re looking for in the grey bar in the middle of your screen.
  • Need to print a receipt or pay a team balance? Just sign in at the top of the page to visit your Player Page, where you can take care of any items relating to payment, team rosters, etc.
  • Want to follow MSSC on all the social media sites? Scroll down to the maroon footer at the bottom of the page and click on the Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram icons below the MSSC logo.
  • MSSC supplies shirts for all teams for each season, unless a returning team is using shirts from a previous season. If you want to know how this works, visit our Shirt Policies page.

Winter Indoor Monday Flag Football

League Details
  • Sport: Flag Football
  • Locations: GRB Academy
  • Days of the week: Monday
  • Started on : Started on 1/14

Winter Tuesday Dodgeball - East

League Details

Winter Tuesday Volleyball - Fitchburg

League Details
  • Sport: Volleyball
  • Locations: Boys & Girls Club
  • Days of the week: Tuesday
  • Started on : Started on 1/22

Winter Wednesday Dodgeball - East

League Details

Winter Thursday Dodgeball - Central

League Details
  • Sport: Dodgeball
  • Locations: Franklin Elementary
  • Days of the week: Thursday
  • Started on : Started on 1/17

Winter Thursday Volleyball - Fitchburg

League Details
  • Sport: Volleyball
  • Locations: Boys & Girls Club
  • Days of the week: Thursday
  • Starts on : Starts on 1/24

Winter Saturday Co-ed Basketball

League Details
  • Sport: Basketball
  • Locations: Boys & Girls Club
  • Days of the week: Saturday
  • Started on : Started on 1/12

Winter Broomball

League Details
  • Sport: Broomball
  • Locations: Madison Ice Arena
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Started on : Started on 1/20