Individual Payment Policy

Payment and Team Assignment


All Individuals who sign up for a league must enter valid payment information during registration. When registration is complete, and all requested information has been entered, the player's status is listed as "Not Offered." This means you have not been placed on a team yet. Your credit card has not been charged at this point. After registration closes, you may be placed on an existing team looking for additional players, or you may be placed on a team composed entirely of Individual signups (a "free agent" team). Your card will be charged at this time (meaning right before we place you on a team). If we are unable to place you on a team your card will not be charged. If we are not able to charge your card, you will drop to the bottom of the list of free agents and we will not contact you if there are other free agents who do have legitimate payment info on file. Many times we are not able to place some or all Individuals who sign up, especially males who register for co-ed leagues. Please read the following:


We will only contact you if we have a spot for you on a team


Do not register for multiple nights if you are not able to play on multiple nights. We count on all free agents being available for any and all nights for which they register. If you are able to play on multiple nights but only want to play one night, register for the night you prefer and indicate in the comments section that you would be able to play on other nights.


Cancellation Policy


If an Individual is confirmed, placed on a team, and subsequently wants to cancel his or her registration for some reason, he or she will be refunded the registration fee, less a $20 cancellation fee. If a player cancels up to the second game of the season, he or she will receive a pro-rated refund for games not played, again less a $20 cancellation fee. There are no refunds for any reason after the second game of any given season.


Cash and Check Policy


As a general rule, MSSC no longer accepts cash or checks for league registration fees. If you do not have a credit or debit card and wish to request an exception, please contact Club President Patrick Fosdick at

Note that any online payments made on this website are also governed by the League Lab Participant Payment Terms.