About Madison Sports and Social Club

Madison's Place For an Active Lifestyle

Who We Are and What We Do


Madison Sports and Social Club seeks to connect individuals who desire to participate in various sports-related activities and socialize with teammates after the games. You can turn to this Club to meet others who have a similar passion for your favorite sport or activity.


How the Club Works


MSSC runs organized sports leagues in six different sports. Co-ed and Men's Flag Football are played in both the spring and fall. Kickball and Softball are played in the spring, summer, and fall. Volleyball is played in the spring and summer (outdoors) and fall and winter (indoors). Dodgeball and Broomball are played in the fall and winter.




We know you have a lot of options out there for your sports leagues. Here are some reasons we think you should choose MSSC:


  1. Quality Leagues – We use the best equipment we can find to ensure a great experience for our players. Our kickball leagues use a ball specially designed for adult play, so there is a much smaller chance of the ball popping or becoming egg-shaped and adversely affecting game play like cheap balls tend to. Our flag football leagues use Flag-a-Tag belts, widely considered the best belts available.
  2. Officiated leagues – All MSSC leagues are officiated by referees supplied by MSSC. You don’t have to worry about arriving early or staying after your game to ref another game, or having a drunk player from another team officiating your team. You also don’t have to worry about disputes that arise from unofficiated games.
  3. Comprehensive offerings – We don’t offer every sport yet, but we have a variety of indoor and outdoor leagues run year-round. You don’t have to worry about signing up with a different organization for every sport you want to play and trying to keep all your schedules straight. They're all right here on our website.
  4. We listen – MSSC is a small organization that is able to pay attention to our players and respond to questions and concerns quickly. There are no levels of bureaucracy to fight through and you don’t have to wonder if your e-mail will be read and responded to. It will be responsded to. We also survey all of our players periodically to see how we can make our leagues better for you.
  5. Championship prizes – You don't just pay a registration fee without the chance to get anything out of it. We award gift cards or cash prizes to the top teams in most leagues.
  6. National tournaments – MSSC teams may have the opportunity to participate in national tournaments organized by the Sport and Social Industry Association. These tournaments are still in the formative stages, but will hopefully be on the nationals sports scene radar in the next few years. You don’t have to be AVP or NFL-caliber to pay either – there will be both competitive and rec divisions.


Our Philosophy


We believe that sports should be about FUN, first and foremost. There is nothing wrong with wanting to win, but poor sports can ruin a game for everyone. We expect all members of the Madison Sports and Social Club to treat each other with respect and maintain the highest levels of sportsmanship at all times. Not all members will be on the same skill level, and our mission is to allow everyone to play and have a good time. We all make mistakes and we all have bad days. If you can laugh at yourself and have a smile on your face after you drop an easy pass or hit a volleyball into the net, it will make the game that much more fun for everyone, and that’s really what it’s all about. We also expect our members to realize that referees are not perfect, just like our players.


Code of Conduct


The Madison Sports and Social Club does not tolerate discrimination, racism, sexual harassment, unwelcome sexual advances, violence, threats, or any other type of behavior that may in any way make a member feel uncomfortable or threaten his or her health and well-being. We expect all members to treat each other with respect and abide by common rules of decency and good sportsmanship.


During play in organized games pitting teams against each other, all participants must refrain from taunting, name-calling, put-downs, intimidation, and violence toward teammates and opponents. Everyone makes mistakes, and we will not tolerate criticism or intimidation of any of our members due to differences in skill level or any other factor. Coaching, tips, and helpful hints are welcome, provided they are relayed in a constructive and friendly manner.


Any team name deemed offensive by MSSC may be rejected and the participants will be required to choose a new one.


All members are encouraged to report offensive behavior to the Club President, Patrick Fosdick, via e-mail at patrick@madisonssc.com. All reports will be kept anonymous and taken seriously, and appropriate action will be taken if deemed necessary, including, but not limited to warnings and revocation of membership.