Team Payment Policy

Season Length


Most seasons are six weeks of regular season games/matches, followed by the playoffs. Playoffs are usually 2-3 weeks, depending on the size of the league. They're always "one and done," so if you lose the first week, your team is out of the playoffs. Many of our outdoor leagues experience quite a few rainouts, especially in the Spring season. Don't sign up for a league if you can't commit to playing a month or so longer than the season was originally scheduled. We generally don't cancel regular season games entirely - instead the season is extended until all games are played. The only exception to this is the Fall outdoor season - if we run out of time, we will cancel games, as the city requires us to be done by the end of October.


How Does Team Payment Work?


MSSC leagues are operated on a "captains pay" policy. This means that when you register your team, you must put down a deposit (to verify that your card information is legitimate), and you will also be responsible for the entire team registration fee. You may choose to pay the entire fee yourself or divide the fee amongst your teammates. You can divide this amount amongst your team however you wish. If you use the TeamPayer option, the system will send an e-mail to each of your teammates on your behalf requesting the amount you've requested them to pay. There's a $2.00 fee per transaction (i.e. per player) to use TeamPayer. The captain's credit card may be charged at any time after the second game of the season for any outstanding team balance.


MSSC will not contact your teammates and ask them to pay. Sending a TeamPayer Request to your teammates does not necessarily mean they have paid or will pay. They still need to click the link in the e-mail and submit payment. It is the captain's responsibility to ensure all of his or her team members have paid, so please choose dependable teammates.


Payment Deadlines


In most leagues, the team balance must be paid in full by the second game of the season. New policy for men's football effective for the Fall 2022 season: team balances must be paid in full prior to the first game of the season. Unfortunately we have had a far greater number of men's football teams not pay on time or not pay at all.


Rosters and Waivers


Teams must maintain complete and accurate rosters, and this responsibility falls on the captain. All players, including subs, should be listed on a team’s roster, and players who play in any number of games must complete the waiver, which is accomplished through accepting a spot on the team from a captain’s e-mail invite. Teams in violation of waiver policies will be subject to forfeiting games at MSSC’s discretion.




MSSC does not encourage or do much to accomodate outside sponsorships. Most of our leagues have a sponsor bar where teams get free beer and/or food on a weekly basis, which in all reality is what those sponsorship dollars are going for anyway. If you insist on having some entity sponsor your team, make arrangements for the sponsor to pay you directly, as we prefer not to handle third party payments for team registrations. MSSC supplies shirts for all leagues, and there are no alterations or additions to these shirts allowed. We don't allow teams to wear shirts or jerseys containing the logo of a company or organization sponsoring a team. If your sponsor is interested in sponsoring the entire league, please contact MSSC, but we aren't going to be free advertising for anyone.


Late or Incomplete Payments


As stated above, the captain's credit card may be charged for any outstanding team balance at any time after the second week of play. If the credit card is unable to be charged, the team will not be allowed to play any further games until payment has been completed.


Cancellation Policy


For leagues that are NOT sold out: If a team needs to cancel their registration for some reason, and the season has not begun, they will be refunded the registration fee, less a 10% administative charge (the deposit). If a team cancels up to the second game of the season, they will receive a pro-rated refund for games not played, again less the 10% administrative charge. There are no refunds after the second game of any given season for any reason. 


For leagues that ARE sold out: If a team withdraws from the league within two weeks of the start date of the league (or after it has started) and no team is found to replace them, the team will only be refunded 50% of the team registration fee (again less the deposit). The reduced refund is due to the fact that the team held a spot in a league that was sold out when another team could have signed up.


Abbreviated Seasons


We occasionally have to cancel some games/matches for a league because there aren't any more dates available to finish the season. This generally only happens for Fall softball and kickball and Spring indoor volleyball leagues. We refund teams for missed games/matches based on our guaranteed minimum of seven games per team. We refund the majority of the per game cost, but not all of it, as there are fixed costs that don't change based on the number of games/matches (shirts, insurance, supplies, website costs, etc). 




Many MSSC teams play with us season after season and don't need an entire batch of new shirts each season. If this is the case, the team may be receive a credit for the shirts they don't need, thus reducing the team balance. The captain should indicate in the comments section during registration that the team is returning and specify the sizes of any new shirts that are needed or that no new shirts are needed. It's easiest if you let us know this before paying your team balance in full, as it's easier to adjust the remaining team balance than issue a refund for the shirts. Please read the Team Shirt Policies carefully before registering your team so you understand why your team may be charged for additional shirts, why you didn't receive shirts, etc. If you have any questions at all about our shirt policies, please contact us.


Cash and Check Policy


MSSC doesn't accept cash or checks for league registration fees as a general rule. If you don't have a credit or debit card and wish to request an exception, please send an email to

Note that any online payments made on this website are also governed by the League Lab Participant Payment Terms.