Shirt Policies

Shirt Policies
Shirt Policies
Shirt Policies
Shirt Policies

The Basics


Each player on a team's roster is provided with a shirt or jersey by default. Any player you "invite" is on the roster unless you remove him or her, and will receive a shirt. Do not invite anyone unless you are certain he or she is playing on your team. A player does not need to accept an invitation to be considered "on the roster" or get a shirt. If you pay for extra shirts, make sure the number of players on your roster matches the total number of shirts you want, as you will not receive more shirts than players listed on your roster unless you note in the "Comments" section during registration which extra sizes you want. Similarly, if you have fewer players on your roster than the default shirt quantity, you may still only receive the number of shirts for players listed on your roster, unless you note somewhere which other sizes you want.


Shirts are only ordered once per season. A player must be on the roster on the date provided to captains in order to receieve a shirt. This date is e-mailed to all captains shortly after registration closes. If you think you may add players after the date we order shirts, you may request additional sizes in the "Comments" section during registration or send an e-mail to


"Shirt Cutoff Deadlines"


Please do not pay attention to any language on the website about shirt size change deadlines, shirt cutoff deadlines, or anything else. Some leagues that use this same software use this date for certain purposes. We do not. Captains will be e-mailed with dates by which they need to have rosters set on the website for the purposes of ordering shirts.


Returning Teams


Returning teams may use shirts from previous seasons. They must be shirts in the same color from the same sport, as all our sports have a different graphic on the shirt. The captain can indicate in the "Comments" box that everyone already has a shirt. If this isn't done, the team is subject to the Default Shirt Order listed below. The "top color preference" selected during registration for the current season also must match the shirt color used in the previous season. If you only need a few new shirts, you must specify which sizes you want in the "Comments" section during registration or you will receive an entire batch of new shirts.


You will receive a credit for every shirt or jersey you don't order. For example, if you only need three new football shirts, you will be credited for the seven you don't order. If you request to use shirts from previous seasons and then do not wear them, MSSC will order shirts for your team and charge you for them.


Regular Shirts


These are 100% cotton shirts that your team will receive if you do not request Dri-fit shirts. "Small" is the smallest size available for cotton shirts. Please see the color grid above for available choices.


"Dri-Fit" Shirts

Dri-fit shirts are 100% polyester and are lighter, more breathable, and more flexible than the standard cotton shirt. If you select these for your team, you will be charged an extra $3.69 per shirt. PLEASE NOTE: These shirts tend to run larger than the regular cotton shirts and do not shrink much, if at all. Some females think the "Small" dri-fit shirts are still too big, so we also have "Extra Small" as an option. Please see the color grid above for available choices.


The additional $3.69 per shirt will be added to your team balance at some point before all outstanding balances are charged. We recommend not paying your team balance immediately upon or shortly after registration if you order dri-fit shirts, as there will be another charge added later for these shirts.


Broomball Shirts


Broomball shirts are long-sleeve, 100% cotton shirts. See the color grid above for available choices.


Volleyball Shirts

MSSC is now offering tank tops as an option for volleyball only. More than any other sport, it seems some players believe that sleeves somehow prevent them from playing to the best of their ability. Captains can now select tank tops during registration. Even though they have less material than a standard t-shirt, they still cost more to order, so an additional $4 per shirt will be added to your team balance. They are only available in cotton and are a “men’s cut.” The actual cut may vary slightly from what is pictured above, as colors may come from different suppliers. Selecting these is all or nothing – you can’t get three regular shirts and four volleyball shirts for example. See above for a sample of what these look like and the available colors. If the type of shirt is causing a major division amongst your team, we can order you a batch of regular and volleyball shirts, but you will pay for both of them. Captains should make a note in the comments section during registration if they want to go this route.


Default Shirt Orders (a.k.a. what happens if you don't follow our rules)


A shirt will be ordered for each player on your roster. Shirts will be ordered for players even if they have not accepted the invite. You will be charged for extra shirts. "Extra" shirts are anything over the default quantities (listed below). Charges for extra shirts will be added to your team balance if your roster exceeds the default quantity and you did not correctly specify the number of extra shirts your team needs. If you do not have your full roster entered, MSSC will order shirts at its discretion in the default quantity for the sport. Default shirt and jersey quantities:


Broomball: 10

Dodgeball: 10

Flag Football: 10

Kickball and Softball: 15

Volleyball: 8


If your team habitually lies about shirt needs (i.e. indicating everyone has a shirt when they don't), MSSC reserves the right to order you a new batch of shirts every season regardless of any instructions you may provide during registration. You will also not be provided with a shirt credit. Be honest. All players are expected to wear their league shirts every game so the refs can tell teams apart and sponsor bars can identify you as being associated with our leagues. Teams in organized sports at every level from tee ball through the majors wear jerseys or uniforms of some kind and our leagues are no different. If we see a high percentage of players on your team without shirts, we will assume you need them going forward.


Extra Shirts and Shirt Credits


Teams who already have shirts or jerseys from a prior season may reuse them and request a credit for any shirts they do not order. The credit is $4.22 per short-sleeved shirt and $7.91 per long-sleeved shirt at the time of this posting (and subject to change). Extra shirts are $9 each for standard cotton t-shirts. Additional long sleeve shirts are $12 each (also subject to change). The extra cost covers many things: the possibility that a team wins the championship and would need extra champs shirts, as well as administrative time needed to manually update several things on the back end.


If you have any questions about our shirt policies, please send an e-mail to