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Kicks aren't just for kids

MSSC runs Kickball in the Spring, Summer, and Fall each year. You can sign up a team or register as an individual and MSSC will place you on a team if we have any teams looking for additional players. The recommended team size is 15 players.


Basic Info

Some league information appears on this page. More is found in our Frequently Asked Questions and the rulebooks linked in the grey menu bar toward the top of the page. General club policies can be found at the bottom of this page in the Info & Help section.



  • Spring season typically runs mid-April to early July, Summer runs early July to August, and Fall runs August to mid-October. The Summer and Fall seasons don't start until the previous season has been completed
  • Teams are co-ed and consist of ten players on the field (five male and five female)
  • Shirts, equipment, field prep, and umpires are provided by MSSC
  • Games are nine innings or one hour - whichever comes first
  • We use extra-durable kickballs specifically designed for adult kickball - no cheap playground balls in our league. This means there is a much smaller chance of the ball popping or becoming egg-shaped and adversely affecting gameplay
  • Please read the rulebok linked in the grey bar toward the top of the page for full details on format and rules


League Capacity


Leagues have a capacity and usually sell out. Sign up early if you want to play.


Divisions: Upper vs. Lower


Teams self-select their division, subject to MSSC approval. Be honest about your skill level, as teams who are truly Lower division teams do not enjoy getting blown out by teams who lie, and it makes the league look bad for allowing that type of skill level disparity to occur. We define our divisions as follows:

  • Lower: This division is intended for the 5-6 worst teams in the league only. These teams have players of below average skill who have trouble kicking and fielding and may have never played the sport before
  • Upper: Average or better players. This should be about half the league. One or two teams dominating a league doesn't make everyone else Lower division
  • The above definitions are general guidelines only. Skill levels are arbitrary and are entirely dependent upon the skill level of the other teams in the league. They can change from night to night and season to season. Recently Tuesdays have been the night with the most lower skilled teams while Thursdays have had the most competitive teams. Wednesdays are somewhere in between. Your team therefore could be an Upper division team on Tuesdays but a Lower division team on Thursdays. If you discover you signed up for the wrong division, you can sign up for the correct one next season


If you played in a prior season and we know you're good enough to play in Upper, we'll move you there if you register for Lower. There is no guarantee we will be able to segment the league into Upper and Lower divisions any given season. If there are not enough Upper division teams, everyone will be in the same division.


Individual Sign Up Information


  • Men: We typically are not able to place very many males who register as Individuals since most teams are not looking for additional males.
  • Ladies: If you want to be placed on a team, it's best to just sign up on your own and NOT request to be placed with a male, as there is a much smaller chance a team will pick you up if you want to play with a guy.


Do not register for multiple nights if you are not able to play on multiple nights. We count on all free agents being available for any and all nights for which they register. If you are able to play on multiple nights but only want to play one, register for the night you prefer and check the box during during registration for other other nights you're available.


Dates and Location

  • We have leagues on the east side every year on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Spring and Summer leagues are held at Demetral Field on Packers Ave. Fall leagues are held at the Olbrich softball diamonds




Since it's asked all the time: Schedules are posted a few days after registration closes. If you signed up for Tuesday nights, your team plays on Tuesdays nights, and you should be available for any time slot.


Prizes and Other Benefits

  • Upper Division or any league with only one field: MSSC Champions t-shirts and gift cards or cash prizes
  • Lower Division: No prizes of any kind


For complete details, please download the Rulebook linked in the grey bar at the top of this page. When you're ready to sign up, click the blue "Team" or "Individual" button below to register. Click the "More Info" button below for the full details on dates, start times, locations, etc.


Questions? Check out our FAQ or Contact Us.


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