Forfeit Fees

MSSC charges fees to teams who no-show any given game/match. The reasons for this are as follows:


  1. Teams pay money to play games, not take forfeit wins
  2. We make it extremely easy to find and use subs
  3. Most forfeits occur because teams put no effort into utilizing the resources available to find subs
  4. It costs money to run games, and we could have cancelled the unused field/court/rink time with enough notice


Fees will be charged to teams who fail to put a minimum number of players on the field/court/rink to play their opponent. The composition of the team does not matter - you can use your own subs or players from another team, and gender rules are disregarded for purposes of the forfeit fee. This means you could put ten guys on the field in a co-ed league as long as the opponent gets to play. The minimum number of players needed to avoid a forfeit fee is as follows:


  • Volleyball, Broomball, Flag Football, and Dodgeball: 4
  • Softball and Kickball: 7


At this time, forfeit fees only apply to teams registered by a captain and will not be charged against Individual/Free Agent teams. Fees will be charged to the captain's card used to register the team. If a card is unable to be charged, the team will not be allowed to play any further games until the fee is paid. Games in different sports cost varying amounts of money to run. Forfeit fees will be charged per sport as follows:


Broomball: $70

Dodgeball: $48

Flag Football (co-ed): $52

Flag football (indoor or Breese Stevens): $85

Kickball and Softball: $38

Volleyball (indoor): $40

Volleyball (sand): $25



Forfeit fees will also be assessed to any team who withdraws from the playoffs after the playoff schedule has been posted online. By the time the playoff schedule is posted it's too late for us to cancel unused time and not be charged for it. All of our rulebooks state that there's no requirement to participate in the playoffs. It's the captain's responsibility to notify us if they can't/don't want to participate in the playoffs.


Fees and policies may be updated from season to season.


As mentioned above, we make it very easy to find and use subs. Please visit our Seasons & Scheduling page for more details on how our seasons run and how you can find subs if you need them.